Susan Walker


Susan grew up in Centre, outside the town of Lunenburg, enjoying the country life.  She studied at Dalhousie University, School of Dental Hygiene, graduating with a Diploma in Dental Hygiene. Through part-time studies, Susan received a Bachelor of Arts in Political Studies from Mount Saint Vincent University and a Master’s of Education from Acadia University. This year, 2024, marks ten years as a clinical instructor at DalhousieUniversity working in both the School of Dental Hygiene and Faculty of Dentistry.  Susan believes the greatest service one can provide patients is supplying them with knowledge about their own dental health.  The practice of patient-centered education provides individuals with the necessary information to develop techniques needed to achieve oral health, which in turn enhances overall health.When not working, Susan enjoys being physically active by running and biking. She has discovered cycling in Italy and looks forward to exploring more of the Italian countryside with her cycling friends.